Assassin’s Creed BookendsAltair and Ezio 24 cm

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Bøger & Bogstøtter – Assassin´s Creed – Nemesis Now

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Officially Licensed Assassin’s Creed Altair and Ezio Library Gaming Bookends

Celebrate two of the most influential Mentors of the Assassin Brotherhood with Nemesis Now’s Altaïr and Ezio Bookends. Protect the knowledge held within your books, video games or DVD’s from the Templars that wish to abuse it. On one end stands Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad in front of a decorated stone archway. On the other is his descendent, Ezio Auditore who stands guard. Both, with their hidden blades extended ready to strike. Cast in the finest resin and masterfully hand-painted, the bookends part separating the two Assassins, securing the items within.

– Material: Resin
– Size: approx. 24 cm

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