Batman: Arkham Knight Cosbaby Mini Figure Joker 12 cm

Batman: Arkham Knight Cosbaby Mini Figure Joker 12 cm

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Figurer – Batman – Hot Toys

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When it comes to the world’s most dangerous, unpredictable supervillains, Joker and Harley Quinn are almost without equal. Through endless interpretations across comics, film, and animation, the notorious couple in the Gotham City underworld has remained consistently relevant, gripping audiences with their irresistible madness. Based on the critically acclaimed video game Batman: Arkham Knight, Sideshow and Hot Toys present Joker Cosbaby(S) with each stands approximately 12 cm tall including figure base. Holding the chattering teeth explosive, Joker in his signature purple suit with a yellow shirt and green bow tie is accompanied by his iconic green hair and menacing bright red smile.

Journey through the Arkhamverse with the classic villains!

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