Chocobo Party Up! Board Game

Chocobo Party Up! Board Game

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Spil – Final Fantasy – Square-Enix

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The Chocobo Pals need your help! Lead your Chocobos into the forest and bring the cute little Pals to safety! In this gorgeous, 2 to 4-player game with original artwork by Toshiyuki Itahana and adorable wooden pieces, you will need to use all of your cleverness, courage and a sprinkle of luck to emerge victorious!

Move your Chocobos carefully to protect and guide the Pals while relying on the power of Friend cards to surprise your opponents. Be the first to gather 6 Chocobo Pals in your nest to win!

– Players: 2-4
– Playing time: 30-45 min
– Recommended Age: 10 years and up
– English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Japanese rulebook


– 1 Rulebook (JEFIGS)
– 1 Chocobo die
– 4 Territory boards
– 1 Double-sided board
– 1 Board extension
– 8 Wooden Chocobo player pieces
– 4 Wooden Fat Chocobo player pieces
– 20 Wooden Chococo Pals
– 14 Track tokens
– 30 Friend cards
– 4 Reference cards

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