Creators Opinion PVC Statue 1/4 Chie Bunny Version 23 cm

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Statuer – Original Character – BINDing

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We proudly present to you…. Chie in her unique bunny costume!

We couldn’t be more ecstatic to produce this alluring illustration into a three dimensional figure!
Chie has been illustrated by the famous artist Ishikei along with her original bunny costume.

She is provided with those sexy garters connected to her bustier. We made sure to create her voloptous body in detail so
you will be able to enjoy looking at Chie in every possible angle.

Her undergarment is also removable, letting you dive into a fantasy world you have never been before!
Aren’t you curious what it’s like underneath?

With her exceptional aura and pleading eyes begging for you to take her home,… don’t let Chie get lonely without you by her side!

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