Lord of the Rings Pendant Arwen´s Evenstar (Sterling Silver)

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Smykker & Tilbehør – Lord of the Rings – Noble Collection


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Arwen the Elven Princess, known also to her people as Evenstar because of her unparalleled beauty, is destined to leave Middle-Earth and sail to the Undying Lands of the West. While this fate looms before her, she falls in love with Aragorn, a mortal man, and is then faced with the heart-wrenching choice to leave Middle-Earth with her people or forego her immortality for the man she loves. Capture the brilliance of the Evenstar´s enduring beauty. Based on the actual pendant worn in the ´Lord of the Rings´ film, this piece is crafted in sterling
silver. Measures 6 cm in length and comes complete with chain.

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