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Marvel 80th Q-Fig Diorama Wolverine (X-Men) 11 cm

Marvel 80th Q-Fig Diorama Wolverine (X-Men) 11 cm

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Figurer – Marvel – Quantum Mechanix

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Wolverine, is a pint-sized powerhouse with a quick temper and the mutant ability to heal from just about any injury. Along with his retractable Adamantium claws fused to his forearms, he is a formidable enemy for any super villain that would take on the X-Men.

In this diorama a masked Wolverine crouches atop an X-Men logo, claws out and snarling as he prepares for battle.

As with all QMx Q-Fig dioramas, this remarkable scene captures the character’s spirit and essence from every angle and features specially hand-painted details.

Wolverine is just one in our series of Marvel Q-Figs, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes and villains!

It stands approx. 11 cm and comes in a window box.

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