Melon Books Hermaphrodite Tapestry Original Character PVC Statue 1/6 Ithnani 33 cm

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Statuer – Original Character – Rocket Boy


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Hermaphrodite casino dealer by “Ban!” all in one amazing figure!

From Ban!’s original “Melonbooks Hermaphrodite Tapestry” illustration, we bring this incredible figure of “Ithnani” – a character with both male and female genitalia.

Male parts can be equipped without condom.

Interchange with female parts for a more girl like character.

Includes two types of female genitalia – both with and without panties.

Includes used condom parts that fit into his/her hand for an even more incendiary pose.

Stand features illustration background motif, with indulgent gold paint accents.

Created by sculptor makoto and painter Nureko Mikimoto (MOMO?IRO), they’ve perfectly captured the character’s mix of masculine vigor and feminine allure.

Switch out the parts to create the Ithnani you like best.

The PVC Statue stands approx. 33 cm tall.

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