Predator Statue Big Game Predator 70 cm

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Statuer – Predator – Prime 1 Studio


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An extraterrestrial species characterized by their hunting of Xenomorphs/Aliens for faith and honor using a combination of highly advanced technology are the Yautja, also widely known as Predators.

This time Prime 1 Studio is excited to present PMDHPR-02: Big Game Predator (Predator Comics) Statue inspired by a comic cover art by Dark Horse!

Prime 1 Studio re-arranged the cover art of Dark Horse comic and succeed in making highly detailed piece of Nayenezgani, the legendary monster slayer.

The LED light-up function is included on Shoulder Cannon. He is holding a fresh skull pulled from the victim’s body in his left hand which gives a pretty horrific look. The Big Game Predator is standing on a pile of human skulls and it measures approximately 70 cm tall.


– Size approximately 70 x 40 x 40 cm
– LED Light-up function on Shoulder Cannon
– Two (2) interchangeable Left Hands Set
– One (1) designed theme base

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