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Transformers Age of Extinction Statue Galvatron Gold Version 77 cm

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Statuer – Transformers – Prime 1 Studio


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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMTFM-09GL Galvatron Gold version from Transformers Age of Extinction. Galvatron was a U.S. military model, developed by KSI. It was infected by Megatron’s mind, so despite all the efforts of people to give it the appearance just like Optimus Prime, the drone continued to recreate Megatron. However humans have built a bot designed to be even more powerful than the fallen DECEPTICON leader. Now, the AUTOBOTS must defeat the mighty GALVATRON!”


LED light up function on head
LED light up function on middle chest reactor
Limited quantity worldwide
One (1) Arm Particle Weapon
One (1) Switchable palm (Right)

Product Size: 77 cm

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

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